Niiiine. Eeeight. Six. Seeven. Fiive. Foour. Three. Twoo. Oone. Pop. Pop. Pop. Centered Pop Frick & Frack. Crackling. Pop. Spitfire Sphinx. Line Stepper to Toaton . Tock . Tock. Tock. Crackle Pop. The Joy of Life With Tail Pop. Wave Assorted to Blinking Pop. Divorce Cake to Tiger Head-Pop. Gold Palm Tree. Dragon Cracker. Crackle. Brocade Crown King. Shhhhhhh. Pop. Single Row. No. Tank You. Nine. Eight. Six. Night on the Beach. Purple Shower. speech . Super Singing. Feuer am Dach. Multicolor Strobe. Hypnotical Well. Shsshhhh. Spike Whistle to Glittering Rain.